Ensar Machine were established in Ankara in 1995 with the aim of producing very complicated products such as machine motors. And in 2009, it changed it's field of activity and started to an enjoyable journey in comparison to the past of it ,but an unbelievable journey in comparison to the competitors in this sector.
Ensar Machine, had changed all it's technology, technical underground, company profile and investments by starting to produce flanges and fittings in 2009.
Ensar Machine is providing service in the field of constructing natural gas and petroleum pipelines,dams,water treatment and transportation plants which the best companies of world are among of it.
 It's first purpose is to be most confidential company by presenting before / after sales service as well as sales, in according to it's quality management which is approved by all tests and inspections.
As a manufacturer possess TSE and ISO 9001 certificates, Ensar Machine has the technological possibilities to manufacture flanges,fittings, tees,bends, reductions and caps that meet all the world standards. And it gives EN 10204 3.1 for all products and 3.2 Certificates in case of need.
Ensar Machine is planning to be shining star of this sector in 21 st Century with it's growing profile, quality management and all facilities.